"Program to create Windows Memory Usage Alarms – using lambda python"

In this article, I have given a code which can be used as reference while writing a program to create Windows Memory Usage Alarms – using lambda python.

severity = "Warning"
        alarm_title = "Windows_memory_usage"
        response = cw.put_metric_alarm(
         AlarmName = "%s_%s_%s_(Lambda)" % (severity, nameinstance, alarm_title),
         AlarmDescription='Windows Memory Usage',
         MetricName='Memory % Committed Bytes In Use',
         Dimensions=[ {'Name': "InstanceId",    'Value': instanceid},
                      {'Name': 'ImageId',       'Value': instance.image_id},
                      {'Name': 'objectname',    'Value': 'Memory'},
                      {'Name': 'InstanceType',  'Value': instance.instance_type}
        if logging_verbosity > 9:
            print (response)

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I hope you find this program useful to write a program to create Windows Memory Usage Alarms – using lambda python. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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