SANICONS Managed Cloud Infra Services

Cloud Infrastructure
Managed Services

Don't spend time
managing your cloud services, instead spend on what you do best.

SANICONS Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services takes on the complexity of maintaining and optimizing your cloud environment, while you focus on the core competencies of your business.

Next Generation Managed Cloud Infra Services

Every infrastructure deployment is different. So the way it's managed, is different too

Meet unique client requirements

Accelerated deployment and configuration

Optimized workloads

Comprehensive business solutions

Enhanced security and compliance

Around-the-clock support

Unlock agility and value with proven operational excellence to run your IT infrastructure across the Continuum, from on-prem to cloud to edge.

Secure and manage databases in on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud environments while ensuring availability and performance.

Connect new services with speed, security and reliability so your network can rapidly adapt to changing customer demands.

Proactively enhance your security risk posture—preempting, detecting and remediating threats to ensure operational and business resilience.

Streamline human-centric experience to support workplace collaboration and maximize productivity and wellbeing.

Seamless service and asset management with technologies to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs and business disruption.

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Choosing the right cloud solution is crucial for ensuring your business has the level of support it needs to be successful. That’s why we offer range of support options plans to  choose from, that best fits your business needs.

Bronze Plan

Provides architectural guidance, consultation and initial setup up and configuration for you to start on the go. Suits companies who have light IT demands with internal people who can fix basic issue themselves.

Silver Plan

Provides all benefits of Bronze plus continuous management of your infrastructure which helps you concentrate more on your application; comes with 12hrs/month free advance support and reduced response time. Suits companies who have moderate IT demands and have internal knowledge to handle issues still want someone to look after their IT infra.

Gold Plan

Provides all benefits of Silver plus full management of your infrastructure from design to OS patching and security which helps you completely concentrate on your core business; comes with 48hrs/month free advance support and excellent response time. Suits companies who rely heavily on their IT systems and don’t want to worry about their IT infra at all.

Bronze Silver Gold
Initial server setup and configuration.      
General architectural guidance.      
Cost optimization      
Basic DDoS IP protection (Available with Dedicated servers)      
Domain name server support.      
Free basic firewall with VPS.      
Multiple design solutions.      
Architecural Implementation      
Backup Solution     (Unmanaged)   (managed)
Basic monitoring.      
IP Address white-listing.      
Performance tuning      
Preliminary server hardening      
Third-party software support      
Server maintenance and troubleshooting      
Software configuration      
Operating system updates & patching.      
Control panel updates & patching.      
Firewall, firmware/software updates      
Malware scan and removal.      
Advance monitoring      
Dedicated account manager      
Access to support associates via email/ticketing/chat.      
Local business hours support.      
Free advance support NA 12hrs/month 48hrs/month
SLA 24hrs SLA 12hrs SLA 6hrs SLA
  • Premier support plan options available. Connect With Us to explore more.
  • Support for billing and subscription management-related issues as well as technical break-fix issues is available at all support levels.
  • Advisory, escalation and account management services are available at the Premier support levels.
  • Case severity and response time will also depend on the business impact.
Embrace a more agile way of doing business with SANICON IT SERVICES PVT. LTD.
To be able to fully capitalize on the increased agility cloud offers; not only demands a move to new technology, but also a reimagining of IT operations and a shift in the business model.
As a result, many companies are turning to managed services in a variety of areas.