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Interactive Websites

Creating seamless user experience

It's not just the website, we create a seamless user experience that keeps them coming back creating lasting impressions for your business

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Launch next-generation websites

Since 2015, we've helped many startups and growing companies around the world in different industry verticals to launch their next-generation websites.

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Full-Scale Web Development
with proven track record as a web development service provider in delivering complex web app solutions, from planning to delivery.

d Modern Web Application

Clients served globally using modern tech stack to create the alluring design, dynamic front-end and back-end resulting in excellent client experiences.

d Third-Party Tool Integration

We seamlessly integrate third-party APIs, payment gateways, and other software components, to ensure that your website is fully functional and provides great user experience

d Vast Experince

We have years of experience in custom web development services, successfully serving the clients throughout the globe and delivering projects .

d Budget Friendly Support Plans

Free 60 days after delivery support, it's our responsibility to get the issues resolved on top priority. Thereafter choose any support plans as per your business needs.

d Full-cycle Development

Includes project planning, requirement analysis, system design, implementation, testing and deployment, we have a proven track-record.

d All Services Under One Roof

Leverage our huge porfolio of services your buisness need for digital transformation and get peace of mind & ease of control with all services under one account.

L1 Support

It is the initial level of maintenance provided by the user help desk. They help to screen the issues and assign to appropriate party / owner.

L2 Support

It deals with support tickets that can be resolved by doing basic configuration in the application or suggesting workarounds.

L3 Support

It deals with tickets requiring code change and manages more complex issues. Research and develop solutions for unknown problems.

L4 Support

It deals with tickets related to the product, which might require help from the product vendor in terms of raising support tickets or a patch release.

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Comprehensive Website and Software Maintenance Services

Stop worrying about your website and application maintenance with SANICON

Let our professionals take care of the technological nitty gritties so you can concentrate on the growth of your business


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Web Application

What is web portal application?

Web portal is a web-based platform that facilitates customers, employees, vendors, partners, suppliers or any stack-holder a single access point for personalized information and workflow operations.

How much does it cost to develop a web portal?

Normally a basic web portal can cost starting from $5000, depending on the quality and features it covers. The price can go beyond this amount as per the custom and unique needs of your business.

How secured would be my web portal ?

We build fully secured web app which may include many factors such as platform used, programming language, developer expertise, https, user authentication, secure hosting, proper encryption, input verification, regular security checking, etc. 

What are web portal examples?

Examples of web portals include patient portals, extranet portals, customer portals, self-service portals, partner portals, government portals, faculty and student portals, job portals, etc.