DevOps and Platform Engineering

Deliver applications at the pace of business with comprehensive DevOps services

What We Offer

Automate and coordinate software development life cycle (SDLC) processes like development, security, testing, deployment with Sanicons, a DevOps solutions provider.



We can help you discover the benefits from technology advances that drive continuous delivery.



We can implement and run the tools necessary for supporting Continuous Delivery and DevOps.



We provide additional capabilities to extend beyond DevOps for faster delivery of IT-based solutions

Why DevOPs

Our clients deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing DevOps

Reduce time to market by up to 50 percent through streamlined software delivery.

Increase team productivity and deliver new functionality faster.

Early identification of quality concerns, reduction of defects across the life cycle up to 30 percent.

Operational state is more stable and secure and changes are systematically available.

DevOps as a (managed) service

Sanicon DevOps Services and Cloud Expertise

Sanicon DevOps experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company’s infrastructure and DevOps processes to determine its current maturity level, then advise on areas of improvement and strategic steps for advancing it.

Docker and Kubernetes Expertise
In addition to its vast expertise as a Cloud solutions company, Sanicons operations teams have hands-on knowledge and experience working with production workloads in Docker and Kubernetes

Ensure deployments flexibility by design

Guarantee hybrid or multi-cloud agility

Provide efficient resources management.

Embrace a more agile way of doing business with SANICON IT SERVICES PVT. LTD.
To be able to fully capitalize and empower you to win your customers trust and manage risks associated with development and operations.
As a result, many companies are turning to managed DevOps services.