Legal Affairs Department, Middle East


Client: Legal Affairs Department, Middle East

Domain: Legal

Category: Digital Transformation

Services Offered: Web application development and maintenance /Mobile Application and maintenance.

Tech Stack: MVC, NHibernate, SQL server, C# reflection, repository pattern, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Xamarin

Duration: March 2021 onwards

Team Size: 05

The mandate of the Office is to undertake a variety of legal matters relating to the Government or any other Government entities were parties to. 

Project Requirements:

Automate workflow for advocates and legal firms to register themselves and their services with Legal Affairs Department. To make the process paperless and automate the complete services end to end. All the services should be easily availed by departments clients/users via existing legal affairs portal.

Key Highlights and Business Impact:

Automation helped to reduce the overall approval time and paper work in the various functions and duties of the Office including reviewing legislations, contracts, and agreements. 

The automation helped in effective communication with Government entities and legal practitioners, which enabled clients to easily and effectively submit and follow up on their requests and access the electronic services provided by the Department. 

Also helped the Department to get in depth analytics for time required by each user to process their assigned work for the purposes of continuous improvement and contributed in bringing happiness to the Department’s clients.

Other Case Studies:
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