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“Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.”

“Persistence” has been the key principle in building Sanicon IT Services since its inception and as we grew other factors like innovation, collaboration, team building, finances, hard-work, patience and many more become part of the learning curve over the years. We found our passion in helping businesses especially small-medium businesses in their digital transformation to cloud and getting start-ups off the ground from ideation to MVP in the most efficient and cost-effective way and then scaling the application as the business grows.

With same passion and perseverance SANICON was started by two computer graduates and childhood friends Nijin Varghese and Syed Salman with a vision to transform businesses specially start-ups and small businesses by helping them leverage disruptive technologies to their competitive advantage and set them in an innovative growth path.

One Stop Cloud Solution Company

The Beginning

Initially SANICON was registered in Nagpur, where it used to give basic IT solutions along with web security and penetration testing to small businesses, later shifting their focus solely to managed cloud and related services. In between 2017 and 2018, the founders left their respective corporate jobs to give dedicated time & efforts to SANICON’s “Cloud and Infra Unit” which offered managed cloud and devops solutions, managed high-end dedicated servers and scalable virtual servers, CDN’s, GPU’s and colocation; also included shared windows & Linux hosting along with other basic services like domains, emails and SSL’s.


While giving infra as a service, customers repeatedly kept asking for customized applications and tech consulting for their businesses. Many Startup founders wanted tech partners whom they could trust and actually take their requirements from ideation to production- market ready stage. So, 2019 onwards SANICON’s started the “Software Engineering Unit” helping small businesses and start-ups to leverage disruptive technologies for digital transformation– from developing a dynamic website to large scale enterprise web and mobile applications, from data analytics to machine Learning; also included consulting, outsourcing, maintenance and support services all under one roof.

The Growth

SANICON became trusted tech partners- a one stop solution to small/medium businesses and start-ups who lacked resources and access to technology like their larger competitors that empowered them and helped them grow. Since we cater to all the technological needs, businesses where able to concentrate more on business side which helped them grow at faster rate.


Since, we were able to serve various small and medium business from various domains across the world, slowly and steadily over the years it created a quality work portfolio and a niche for itself in helping start-ups get off the ground by developing PoC to MVP in the most efficient and cost-effective way and then scaling up to market ready application as the business grows.

The Expansion

Over the years, SANICON has not only gained the trust among start-ups but has also served bigger enterprises. Since then, we have been on the growth path and also started operating from Pune location to expand our reach and make a mark in market. On 15th May 2021, SANICON IT SERVICES incorporated as a Private Limited Company.


SANICON have joined hands with some of the recognized leading vendors of infrastructure, software and consultants to expand their portfolio and provide customers with the best offering and expertise. SANICON IT SERVICES has the drive, experience, and ambition to go faster and further, while never forgetting the importance of trust and reliability. We’re proud of who we are and also extremely excited about the future.

The Founder's Story

As fellow computer science graduate students at SRKNEC, Nijin and Salman had seeded the idea of SANICON in 2009 itself while doing their engineering but parted their ways to work for different corporate MNC’s, still they never let their dream die by running many pilot projects along with their day jobs and having numerous brainstorming over the calls on how and what can be done next.

Finally, between 2017-18 they decided to quit their respective jobs Salman then working with Qatar based company in Doha and Nijin at a French MNC in London both shifted back to India to pursue their passion of starting a business of own which took almost 9 years to materialize but they came back stronger together, armed with experience and more maturity which helped in building the business. Tried many things upfront, had their own set of failures, but founders where persistent with their approach in building a valuable business which could actually make a difference for their clients.

Founder, CEO

Leads the daily operations at SANICON including product development, manages client deliverables and relations. He drives strategic vision and ensures successful implementation of all business strategies to achieve companies’ mission. Nijin is passionate about SMB’s and start-ups; likes to keep things as simple as possible and believes in small efficient changes.

Before SANICON, Nijin has held the position of Consultant in Capgemini India and London. He has rich experience in working with many financial services clients like HSBC, RBS and DLG across the globe.

Nijin did his engineering in computer science batch of 2009’ SRKNEC college. Someone who appreciates nature and travelling, true foodie with love for cooking and his morning workout routines.

Founder, CTO

Fearlessly leads our engineering team and is responsible for SANICON’s technological strategies. Oversees all stages of product development lifecycle, is a strategic thinker with a passion for backend architecture and infrastructure. His focus is on technical activities, and creating elegant solutions to complex problems and strives towards providing best solutions to businesses.

Salman started his career with TCS and later shifted to Qatar where he worked with multiple organization as technical lead and has vast experience in engineering and cloud technologies.

Salman did his engineering in computer science batch of 2009’ SRKNEC college. A hardcore tech enthusiast, a night owl personality and always bound himself with happy things like good food, friends and family.

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SANICON IT SERVICES strives to create a culture that empowers its workforce and develop leaders for tomorrow.

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We empower customers around the world to start and grow their businesses, by helping their digital transformation to cloud.