A stress management music tool to regulate users emotional state


Client: A stress management music tool to regulate users emotional state, USA

Domain: Mental Health & AI

Category: Digital and Data Transformation

Services Offered: Website Development/ Web application development/ Managed cloud services/ Support and maintenance

Tech Stack: Node JS, React JS, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, AWS, other third-party tools integration (Spotify, Mailchimp)

Duration: Dec 2020 to Mar 2021 & 2022 onwards

Team Size: 06

Client is an early stage start up with a mission is to harness the power of music using empathy and AI technology to create a mentally healthier

Project Requirements:

1>  Application should able to choose a playlist based on user genre preference, current vibe and take user to final goal vibe, app should also measure users’ emotional changes using state-of-the-art biometrics—guiding user to their goal vibe. Client wanted app should ask users how you are feeling (your “current vibe”) and how user wants to feel (your “goal vibe”)

2> The website goal was to provide a landing page to gain early adopters and give some information on the product and client story, client also wanted to convert from landing and basic information to sales and marketing to create those conversions. 

3> For consumers: Show value to web visitors to sign up to be a part of beta testing. One could also Sign up to become a BETA tester to get exclusive access to this app, and help us shape the future with your personal feedback!

4> For investors and brands: Showcase the vision and offer more explanation on the why they should invest in the product.

5> After validating the product idea with the initial MVP,  second stage was to develop the BETA version with limited but important features to attract early adopters and then go onto next phase with a more improved product based on the user feedback and implementing advance features to increase the user base


Key Highlights and Business Impact:

1> Initial website went live back in 2021, the current new website with updated data and new design went live in May 2023 along with Beta App. 

2> Application is in beta stage right now with limited dataset and short 30sec songs. It is also trademarked and is powered by ESMR (Emotion Sensitive Music Recognition)

3> Beta app can measure your emotional state to help you get to your desired goal vibe. As you listen, you will be periodically asked if the music playing is helping you obtain your goal vibe. This will instantly update the measurement bar.

4> Helped to give early adopters / beta testers an experience of mental well-being practically on demand and help business to consolidate user feedback for enhancement in next stage of product development.

5> Also gave confidence to clients for pitching to investors and showcasing working beta product with actual user base to raise funding.

6> Innovative and exciting features to be implemented in future to make the platform more engaging and from user retention point of view.


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