The internet is fueled by content ranging from photos, videos, and live streaming, to gaming and e-commerce. For all this content to be valuable, it needs to be accessible and available to global audiences, instantly and securely. Supported by our globally distributed network, our CDN portfolio combines our hardware and network expertise to bring you closer to users and delivers your content anywhere, anytime with lower latency and increased performance.

How Does it Work?

Content Without a CDN

Content is served from the original location. This uses more processing power and bandwidth, taking longer to reach the user and resulting in increased load and an inferior user experience.

Content With a CDN

Content is mainly served from the closest CDN server. This reduces load on your servers and provides content faster to the user, resulting in a superior user experience.

Why choose Sanicon?


Latest Technology

REST API, SSDs, Anycast Network, HTTP/2 support and global presence are just the tip of the iceberg to ensure your content is delivered at lightning-fast speeds.


Optimized for Video Streaming

Our integrated streaming server processes, encodes and encapsulates your content allowing it to be streamed to your subscribers in any format including HLS and MPEG Dash.


Large File Distribution

We offer a high volume CDN for live and on-demand video, audio content, online games, update distribution, high-resolution images and other large assets.


Maximum offload

Keep your site up and running by reducing bandwidth consumption during peak traffic, protecting your site, and offloading your origin servers all at the same time.


24/7 support

You get direct access to our engineers so you have personalized expertise at your side whenever you need it.


Transparent pricing

With SSL-traffic included at no extra-cost, high-volume plans are cost-effective from any region in the world.

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