Why offer premium domains?

Sell More

Close sales that would not complete due to the perfect domain name not being available.

Boost revenue

Increase your margins and commissions by selling domains at premium prices.

Satisfy customers

Raise customer satisfaction by providing customers with the exact domain names they want.

Retain Customers

Ensure repeat sales from customers who are looking for unique domain names.

Stand out

Increase exposure and associate your brand with premium products.

Expand inventory

Keep a competitive edge against the competition by expanding your inventory of domains.

Aftermarket Premium Domains

Aftermarket premium domains are domains that are already registered and owned by someone. These domains are listed through aftermarket partners and their prices are set by the current owners of the domains. Once purchased, an aftermarket premium domain is transferred to the new registrant and from that point onwards it is dealt with as a regular domain. SANICON pays a commission to the reseller on aftermarket premium domain purchases.

Registry Premium Domains

Registry premium domains are brand new domains with higher market values sold directly by the registry. Unlike aftermarket premium domains, these domains are not currently owned by a company or individual. Registry premium domains start as low as a few hundred dollars and may have a premium transfer or renewal prices associated with them in addition to a premium purchase price.

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