About SANICON Services

Leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service and web based solutions

Customer Focus and Best Services

We live by and for the client's success and satisfaction. We constantly strive hard to meet the customers' expectations and create value for our clients and associates by providing high quality services and products. We seek to build long lasting relationship with our clients by giving focussed solutions and managed support services.

Integrity and Honesty

We will be the people / company that are trusted and one that stands for the integrity and honesty. For us principles are always higher than the profits and traditional business goals. We set standards and inspire people to be loyal, trustworthy, and upfront. Complete refusal for any unfair means to help win businesses or gain any undue advantages.

Innovation and Problem Solving

We as a team continuously seek innovative solutions and maintain solid innovation culture throughout our organization. We learn fast from our success and failures. We inculcate the entrepreneurial and problem solving methodology to create new leaders for tomorrow and to provide best of services and solutions to our clients and associates.

Team Spirit and Fun

We believe as we grow our colleagues, clients and associates shall also grow professionally and personally. To achieve this spirit, we work together as one team and help each other by sharing ideas and best practises. We are passionate in what we do and work hard towards achieving our goals by having fun and enjoying work at the same time.

We build and support state of art IT solutions.

Started in 2011, we began with a team of 2 members. Down the lane we have grown as a team, as a family providing services beyond customers expectations. We have the enthusiasm, experience, and ambition to go faster and further, while maintaining the same level of trust and reliability.

We hire and train highly qualified professionals who can successfully build and support state of art IT solutions. To serve the needs of clients, we have adopted sophisticated product planning methodologies to manage requirements, capture application extensions, deliver new applications and manage product life cycles.

Getting closer to customers.

We work with our customer feedbacks to know them better and provide exceptional services to them. Surveys, feedback by email, social; not to mention what our customer is telling us face to face; all help us see things from customer perspective. And by doing that, we get a better picture of our customer's experience which helps us focus on making it better and better.


Constantly growing our team to empower our customers.


Company you can trust!

Happy to help

Our awesome customer support is there to help you at every stage.

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