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As your data grows and diversifies, storing, protecting, and recovering it becomes increasingly challenging. AWS offers the tools and resources to build scalable, durable, and secure backup & restore solutions to augment or replace your existing capabilities. Work with AWS and our ecosystem of storage partners to meet your Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), data retention, and compliance requirements — with pay-as-you-go pricing and no upfront capital investments. Whether your IT environment is on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-native, AWS can help you design and deploy a data-protection solution that meet your needs.

Understand all the considerations around designing and deploying an effective cloud backup solution by reading the Gartner report “Elastic Cloud Backup Engines Dictate the Success of Backup to the Cloud.”

Benefits of Building Backup & Restore Solutions on AWS


Durability and Availability

AWS object, block, and file storage services are built for optimal durability and availability so that you can access your data anytime, anywhere. Data is distributed across physical facilities within an AWS Region and data can be automatically replicated to another AWS Region. Our global reach enables backup & restore where you operate for business and compliance purposes.


Flexibility and Scalability

AWS offers the most flexible storage management features so that storage administrators can classify, report, and visualize data usage trends to reduce costs and improve service levels. AWS customers also have access to virtually unlimited capacity to accommodate growing data volumes. Scale consumption as needs change without administrative overhead or hardware procurement cycles.


Cost Efficiencies

Our pricing options offer the flexibility to effectively manage your costs and still maintain the performance and capacity your business requires. With AWS, you can quickly and easily rightsize your services, leverage Reserved and Spot Instances, and use pricing management tools to monitor costs so that you can always be on top of how much you are spending.



AWS data center and network architecture is designed for organizations that must meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements. For maximum data protection, AWS object storage services offer encryption features such as service-side encryption, AWS KMS (to manage your own encryption keys), and AWS Cloud HSM (to generate, store, and manage cryptographic keys).



AWS manages many security assurance programs, which means segments of your compliance are already completed. We also offer governance-focused features to satisfy a range of privacy and audit requirements. This level of protection helps highly-regulated organizations operate more securely on AWS than on-premises.


Flexible Data Transfer

AWS supports the widest range of options to move data into (or out of) the cloud. Migrate data via networks and roads, use transfer services that best fit your requirements, and employ tracking services to gain visibility into the progress of your migrations. AWS also offers the largest ecosystem of partners so that you can work with the service provider of your choice.


Largest Partner Ecosysytem

Storage technology and consulting services from familiar solution providers already work with AWS. The AWS Partner Network (APN) includes global Technology and Consulting Partners that specialize in storage-focused solutions and services for a vast range of workloads and use cases. Easily find, buy, deploy, and manage cloud-ready resources in a matter of minutes from AWS Marketplace.


More Backup & Restore Resources

AWS offers the most complete range of cloud storage services to support both virtually any Backup & Restore workload or application. To learn more about all of our storage services and access all documentation, visit Backup & Restore AWS Resources and start designing the optimal solution for your IT environment and organization needs.

Backup & Restore for All IT Environments

AWS offers all the tools and capabilities you need to migrate data into the cloud and build comprehensive backup & restore solutions that are compatible with your IT environment. For on-premises and hybrid data environments, customers can work with the Amazon Partner Network to find partners that seamlessly integrate with AWS tools. See below for sample backup & restore reference architectures built with AWS services.



AWS can help protect data managed in your own data centers by backing it up to the cloud. All kinds of customers use the cloud to replace tape, streamline media management and simplify archival processes. Most major backup software vendors integrate direclty with AWS and preserve media catalogs and existing backup jobs. Or, choose the AWS Storage Gateway configuration that best suits your requirements – tape, volume, or file – and augment existing backup processes with Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier or Amazon EBS.

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Some applications need data both on site and in the cloud at the same time. AWS Storage Gateway is ideal for organizations that want to work with data locally as well as in the cloud. For backups, this means integrating with existing systems and applications using standard storage protocols, while offering a virtually unlimited cloud back-end for big data analytics, archive, disaster or recovery.



This environment has workloads that exist entirely on AWS, where customers have access to virtual servers, databases, applications, monitoring services, and Active Directory. Backup in this environment may require a migration service to move data to the cloud and then leverage integrated AWS cloud-native capabilities for object, block, and file system backups (such as versioning, snapshots or cross-region replication). Of course, traditional backup software can also be used to manage data and jobs.

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