Key Features

Container Service

Enjoy the flexibility of CloudStack by combining workloads and their dependencies in the Container Service. Move workloads across the same virtualization layer, removing VM overhead and legacy code maintenance. Manage container clusters and deploy cloud-native applications from the same user interface that you use to manage compute, network and storage resources.

Rich GUI

Along with the Cloud we give you access to a user-friendly AJAX-based GUI, offering you full control over all private cloud features and functionality. Use the panel to monitor resource usage, assign capacity to projects, and control all aspects of your infrastructure.

Guaranteed resources

You can be sure that your applications will run fast and reliably on our platform. That’s because they’ll have everything they need to perform to their potential. We provide full, unshared access to all cores and memory available in your private cloud. We also use fast Intel Xeon CPUs and tune the servers to run as fast as possible.

Flexible resource allocation

Distribute resources across instances and projects as you see fit. You’ll be able to access a virtually unlimited amount of on-demand compute resources – with dedicated cores for each individual instance. You can also integrate software-based firewalls and load balancers to upgrade security and boost scalability.

Feature Description
CloudStack Container Service


Container as a Service (CaaS) offering within CloudStack Private Cloud. Developed as a plug-in to Apache CloudStack that orchestrates provisioning of Kubernetes managed container clusters.


Powerful API


Cut down on manual maintenance tasks by taking advantage of the Apache CloudStack API. Control your infrastructure with automated tools or integrate your private cloud with your own systems.


DDoS IP Protection


DDoS IP Protection mitigates volumetric, protocol based and application layer attacks on your CloudStack instance. Our standard DDoS IP protection is included for all CloudStack instances.


Secure Console Access


A noVNC client that allows users to access their virtual machine using any of the latest internet browsers without the need of any external add-on such as a JRE, ActiveX, or Flash.


On Demand Virtual Data center Hosting


Provides users with virtually unlimited amount of computing resources – on demand, as required and billed by actual usage.


Dynamic Workload Management


Completely automates the distribution of compute, network, and storage resource across the physical infrastructure while adhering to defined policies on load balancing, data security, and compliance.


Broad network Virtualization Capabilities


Support for embedded software-based network management as well as VLAN. Our Direct Attached IP enables you to integrate with a virtual network architecture that best fits your needs.


Secure Cloud Deployments


Ensures that all memory, CPU, network, and storage resources are both available and isolated from one user account to another within the cloud.


Easy Template Creation Process


The CloudStack User Interface allows you to easily create pre-defined templates for efficient virtual machine deployments. Templates can be created by attaching a guest OS ISO to a blank VM or directly from existing VMs in the cloud.


Rich Template and ISO Management


Both users and administrators will be able to upload and manage their OS templates and ISO images from within the cloud. A few management features include the ability to allow others to use the templates/ISOs either on a global public level or on a per-account basis, and to allow the management of templates across multiple zones. CloudStack will ensure that templates are automatically copied to the appropriate storage servers.


Snapshot Management


To help mitigate data loss and a way of disaster recovery, users are given the capability of either taking ad hoc snapshots of their disk volumes or setting up a comprehensive schedule for taking periodic snapshots of their data. Users can set limits to the number of snapshots taken to creating new data disk volumes from existing snapshots.


Comprehensive Service Management


Administrators can define, meter, deploy, and manage multiple service and disk offerings within the cloud.


VM Sync and High Availability


Our custom VM Sync technology constantly monitors and maintains the state of all virtual machines within the cloud from notifications of individual VM status to the ability to automatically ensure that the VM remains running.


Virtual Routers, Firewalls and Load Balancers


CloudStack supports integration with both software and hardware firewalls and load balancers to provide additional security and scalability to a user’s cloud environment. Including F5 and Netscaler


User Data Support


CloudStack supports the notion of allowing a user to submit any type of binary user data when deploying a new virtual machine. This gives you the flexibility of giving each virtual machine created from the same OS template its own identity in the cloud.




Allow users to collaborate and share resources within a defined group or “project”. When a user creates an a project all usage under the project is attributed to the account who becomes the project owner.


Clustered LVM Support


CloudStack can utilize clustered Logical Volume Manager (LVM) storage configurations starting with version 3.0.


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